Sunday, December 13, 2009

Text Loses Time

In the great, cavernous gap between this and the previous update here I had the rare opportunity to design a book by my pal, Nico Vassilakis. Text Loses Time assembles a hefty chunk of Nico's visual poetry, textual poetry, and a host of pieces that are a bit of both. Its charms have already been detailed in far more eloquent length than I need attempt here by Geof Huth and, in rather more qualified, but useful, historical terms, by Vanessa Place at the American Book Review.  Further perspectives are available from Nick Piombino's afterword and Nicholas Manning at Galatea Resurrects #9.

For little old me, the experience reconnected me with all I've enjoyed from Nico's writing over the years. Back when I was a confused young poet in Seattle, Nico was one of the first folks to reach out to me and help me along the way to figuring out just what it is in the secret lives of Fs and Ls and Qs and the rest of the lot that made me want to keep spending my hours with them.

Text Loses Time is available from Crag Hill's Many Penny Press.

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